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How and Why 2266 years old Archimedes, 331 years old Newton’s Laws and 111 years old Einstein’s E=mc2 is Generalized ?

By   February 9, 2016

                                Video 1,
Newton did not discovered 2nd Law of Motion , Swiss Euler did,  15   minutes.
Euler gave F =ma in 1775 i.e. 48 years after death of Newton. For proofs  see Website of  Mathematical Association of America, Euler paper E479  pp.223, F=ma  is given
                               Video 2,
 Newton’s  3rd Law of Motion … HALF TRUE and HALF FALSE

3rd law  IGNORES nature and characteristics of bodies. Newton says…bodies of GOLD, RUBBER and SPONGE  have same reactions ????) 16   minutes
Video 3 (in Hindi)
( How and why Newton, Einstein and Archimedes  are  updated or generalized….based on rational proofs),    35 minutes
Based on critical study of  Newton’s  ORIGINAL master piece THE PRINCIPIA (1687)
Forthcoming videos :
Video 4
(i) Einstein, the master and persistent  plagiarist,
Published  works of GALILEO, Lorentz, Poincare, Larmor, Fitzgerald on own name. Concrete proofs.  (Paper June  1905 AdP)
Video 5
(ii) Einstein predicted OUTPUT without INPUT (1907 paper in AdP),
Ist equation is  zero and final equation is  Erme =Mrest c2
Video 6
(iii) Einstein’s 1905 derivation illustrates the  most INCONSISTENT arguments and mathematical steps ( September 1905 paper in AdP).
Derivation is under special conditions, Einstein ignored BILLIONS values of parameters.
  Video 7
 (vi) 2265 years old Archimedes:
IGNORES shape of body etc, thus generalized.
Published  more than 55 articles in peer review journals and magazines, two books
Beyond Newton and Archimedes
Beyond Einstein and E=mc2
Published from Cambridge, England