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Why and how long Newton will be worshiped in science for works of others?

By   January 29, 2018

Why and how long Newton will be worshiped in science for works of others?

Main points
How long scientists will give credit of work of Aristotle’s and Galileo’s work to Newton as his First Law of Motion?
How long scientists will give credit of Euler’s F=ma to Newton as his Second Law Of Motion?
How long scientists will teach Newton’s Third law which neglects many factors, and is incomplete?

English scientist Sir Isaac Newton has status higher than God in science. His three laws of motion, are not only laws of science but Mantras to chant. An Indian independent researcher Ajay Sharma has spent 35 years of life on research on basic laws has confirmed Newton’s laws are not his ORIGINAL but complied from works of Aristotle, Galileo . After Newton’s death scientists gave Newton credit of F=ma (known as Newton’s Second Law of Motion) which was actually given by Euler in 1775. Sharma has also generalized Third Law of Motion.
“French scientist Renne Descartes, in 1644 in his book the Principles of Philosophy gave three laws of motion. In 1686 i.e. 42 years after Newton in his book The Principles of Mathematical Philosophy, gave three laws of motion( like Renne Descartes).”
We talked with details with Ajay Sharma ( author of over 60 research papers in international journals , conferences and two books BEYOND NEWTON AND ACAHIMEDES (2013, pp. 330) AND BEYOND EINSTEIN AND E=mc2 (2015, pp. 545) published form Cambridge England at cost of publisher.

(i) Newton’s Second Law of Motion
Question 1 . What is the scientific basis for claiming that Newton did not give Second Law of Motion in form of F = ma (Force = mass x acceleration). It is being taught right from school level in 220 countries of the world?

Ajay Sharma: Newton neither wrote F =ma as Second Law Of Motion in his masterpiece, The Principia nor in any other document authored by him. It is absolutely wrong to give Newton the credit for the work done by others.

Question 2 : If not Newton , then who gave the equation or law F =ma?
Ajay Sharma:
Actually, F =ma was given by Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler in 1775 i.e. 48 years after death of Newton. At that time Euler was at Saint Petersburg Academy in Russia.

Question 3 : For proof give name of scientific journal in which Euler published F =ma ?
Ajay Sharma :
Euler published F =ma in the journal of Saint Petersburg Academy known as Novi Commentarii Volume 20 at page no. 222-223 in year 1776.

Question 4: Is this paper accessible to general pubic?
Ajay Sharma :
Yes. The Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Washington , USA has archived Euler’s work on the website . Here in the Index no. E479 at page no. 222-223 the equation F =ma is clearly published in Euler’s paper. It is no where published by Newton. Any old man or child can download the paper and can see with own eyes.

Question 5 : Then how the law F =ma became Newton’s law ?
Ajay Sharma :
It was done after Newton’s death. The big scientists do big mistakes. It is a mistake that credit of F =ma is being given to Newton. Now it is important to correct the mistake, so that faith of general public remains in science and science does not become superstition.

(ii) Newton’s First Law of Motion
This law is given at page 19 of the Principia (translation in English from Latin ) in 1727 for first time by Andrew Mott. The link for original book is
Question 6 : You state that first part of Newton’s First Law of Motion was actually given by Aristotle in 350 BC i.e. about 2036 years before Newton’s Principia , and second part of Newton’s First Law of Motion was given by Galileo in 1609 i.e. 77 years before Newton ?
Ajay Sharma:
It is 100% true; one is free to check the literature. If the laws are given earlier by Aristotle and Galileo, then it is incorrect and illogical to give credit to Newton. No one can justify it.

Question 7 . How you can say that first part of Newton’s First Law of Motion was given by Aristotle about 2036 years before Newton?
Ajay Sharma:
In simple words first part of Newton’s first law of motion is , “body keeps its state of rest unless compelled to change the state by external force.”
It was stated by Aristotle about 2036 years before Newton. After about 2000 years of continuous teaching, it was abandoned. But when Newton re-quoted the law (earlier given by Aristotle) in the Principia, it was accepted and being taught to students. So it is originally Aristotle’s law, not Newton’s.

Question 8 : How do you say that second part of Newton’s First Law of Motion is Galileo’s Law of Inertia ?
Ajay Sharma :
According to second part of Newton’s First Law of Motion “ if body is moving with uniform velocity then it keeps on moving with uniform velocity unless external force acts on it.”
It is nothing but Galileo’s Law of Inertia given in 1609 i.e. 77 years before Newton. So it is Galileo’s law of inertia, not Newton’s .
The theme of discussion is that first part of First Law Of Motion was practically given by Aristotle about 2036 years before Newton. The second part of Newton’s first law of motion was given by Galileo as Law of inertia, 77 years before Newton’s Principia.
Thus First Law Of Motion is not originally given by Newton but by Aristotle and Galileo. It is sheer mistake by Newton, he should have written that he is re-quoting laws of Aristotle and Galileo as his First Law Of Motion. So the credit of First Law of Motion must not go Newton but to Aristotle and Galileo.
(iii) Newton’s Third Law of Motion

Question 9 : According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “ to every action , there is equal and opposite reaction .” It is not only established law of science but also that of daily life.
Ajay Sharma:
You are correct. The basic limitation of the law is that action and reaction are not always or universally equal.

Question 10: You mean to say that action and reaction are not always or equal . Can you illustrate it with help of experiments even to a layman?
Ajay Sharma:
Let we have three bodies of rubber, spring, and wool or sponge of same mass. Let the three bodies are dropped from height of 1m. As the bodies of same mass , then according to Newton the action and reaction must be same for each body.
Let firstly ball of rubber is dropped from height 1m. Then rubber body or ball rebounds back to height 1m. Thus action and reaction are equal i.e. Action =Reaction. Thus in this case the third law hold good precisely.
Secondly, a body of spring is dropped from height of 1m on the same floor. After rebound, the spring rebounds to height of 2m. Thus reaction is double than action i.e. Reaction = 2 Action. This experiment can be repeated with super-elastic or bouncing ball. Thus third law is not obeyed.
Thirdly a ball or body of sponge or wool is dropped on the floor. The ball does not rebound at all. Thus reaction tends to zero. Thus there is no reaction, for definite action.

Question 11 : What did you conclude from this experiments?
Ajay Sharma :
Newton neglected characteristics of bodies completely. Thus depending upon characteristics, in first case the action and reaction can be equal, in second case reaction is more than action and in third case reaction is zero but action is non-zero and definite.

Question 12 What is reason of limitations of Newton’s third law of motion?
Ajay Sharma :
The law does not account for the significant factors e.g. inherent characteristics, nature, compositions, flexibility, rigidity, magnitude, size, elasticity, shape , distinctiveness of interacting bodies, mode of interactions, point of impact etc.
The law is universally applicable for all bodies e.g. bodies may be of steel, wood, rubber, cloth, wool, sponge, spring, typical plastic, porous material, air / fluid filled artifact, mud or kneaded flour or chewing gum specifically fabricated material etc. In all cases the action and reaction must be universally same, which is not experimentally justified.

Question 13 . How do you explain above situation?
Ajay Sharma :
The law must be generalized i.e. Reaction is proportional to action. Thus a coefficient of proportionality comes in picture. It accounts for all factors (inherent nature, characteristics, elasticity etc) which are not taken in account by original form of the law . Thus law becomes complete.
The generalized form is flexible law i.e. Reaction may be equal to action or different.

—Ajay ‘s article on Generalization of Third Law of Motion

Newton’s Third Law Generalized

By   October 31, 2017

Newton’s Third Law of Motion “Generalized” IN PEER REVIEW Research JOURNALS.
Download & Read for free (one journal)

pages 18 words nearly 12,000

***********Reason for Generalization: Newton’s Third Law NEGELECTS

“inherent characteristics, nature, compositions, flexibility, rigidity, magnitude, size, elasticity, shape , distinctiveness of interacting bodies, mode of interactions, point of impact, surface etc. play significant roles.” Of bodies
++++ bodies may be of steel, wood, rubber, cloth, wool, sponge, spring, typical plastic, porous material, air / fluid filled artifact, mud or kneaded flour or chewing gum specifically fabricated material etc. ++++++

Generalized Equation:
Reaction = -K action, the value of K may be equal to, less than, or greater than unity depending upon characteristics of system.
—Ajay Sharma — Mob. 94184 50899 –Email —-

Do not give WRONG education to BILLIONS of students in 220 countries of the world, please.

By   December 20, 2016

Do not give WRONG education to BILLIONS of students in 220 countries of the world, please.
———F=ma: Newton Out…………F=ma: Euler in.–
Newton did not DISCOVER Second Law of Motion, F =ma

Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler discovered F =ma, which is called Newton’s Second Law of Motion.
It is residual effect of COLONIZATION
more information at link

The biggest mistake in science. Newton did not discover Second Law of Motion taught after his name in 220 schools of the world.Ajay Sharma speaking to Insighthimachal drawing attention ofPrime Minister Sh. Narender Modi and Union Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan, to arrange video seminars on his work. Then put the recordings on U Tube and websites for comments. Wrong science is taught to students that Newton’s Second Law of Motion , F =ma. It was given by Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler in 1775 i.e. 48 years after death of Newton. Euler‘s paper E479 at page 223 states equation F=ma, it can be seen from website of Mathematical Association of America Washington. Ajay Sharma is author of two books ‘Beyond Newton and Archimedes’ and ‘Beyond Einstein and E=mc2’Both the books have been sent by Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan, to The National Academy of Sciences, INDIA. The books are under evaluation since July 2015.

Posted by Insight Himachal on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

…………………Part I……………….Proof

See, website of Mathematical Association of America ( MAA),
Section Euler’s archive Paper E479 page 223 Equation F=ma is clearly given.
Year in which F=ma is published, 1775 i.e. 48 years death of Newton

………………………Part II
What did Newton give in the Principia (1686, 1713, 1726)?
Newton gave three laws of motion at page 19-20
Acceleration (a) was not discovered in Newton’s time , so not to speak of F=ma

Link for Newton’s Principia

Newton’s second law of motion as in the Principia
Force = change in velocity
F =dv
It is never discussed, taught or written in science as it is UNWANTED CHILD.
Newton’s F=dv is replaced by Euler’s F=ma?
It is the biggest superstition on the Earth.
What scientists are gaining DEPRIVING Euler from credit of second law of motion.

Many aspects of Newton’s work are extended in the books (published from Cambridge, London)
1.Beyond Newton and Archimedes ( 2013, pp 335)
2. Beyond Einstein and E=mc2 (2015, pp.546)
The books are under evaluation by ‘The National Academy of Science India’, under instruction of Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan. 0091 94184 50899

How and Why 2266 years old Archimedes, 331 years old Newton’s Laws and 111 years old Einstein’s E=mc2 is Generalized ?

By   February 9, 2016

                                Video 1,
Newton did not discovered 2nd Law of Motion , Swiss Euler did,  15   minutes.
Euler gave F =ma in 1775 i.e. 48 years after death of Newton. For proofs  see Website of  Mathematical Association of America, Euler paper E479  pp.223, F=ma  is given
                               Video 2,
 Newton’s  3rd Law of Motion … HALF TRUE and HALF FALSE

3rd law  IGNORES nature and characteristics of bodies. Newton says…bodies of GOLD, RUBBER and SPONGE  have same reactions ????) 16   minutes
Video 3 (in Hindi)
( How and why Newton, Einstein and Archimedes  are  updated or generalized….based on rational proofs),    35 minutes
Based on critical study of  Newton’s  ORIGINAL master piece THE PRINCIPIA (1687)
Forthcoming videos :
Video 4
(i) Einstein, the master and persistent  plagiarist,
Published  works of GALILEO, Lorentz, Poincare, Larmor, Fitzgerald on own name. Concrete proofs.  (Paper June  1905 AdP)
Video 5
(ii) Einstein predicted OUTPUT without INPUT (1907 paper in AdP),
Ist equation is  zero and final equation is  Erme =Mrest c2
Video 6
(iii) Einstein’s 1905 derivation illustrates the  most INCONSISTENT arguments and mathematical steps ( September 1905 paper in AdP).
Derivation is under special conditions, Einstein ignored BILLIONS values of parameters.
  Video 7
 (vi) 2265 years old Archimedes:
IGNORES shape of body etc, thus generalized.
Published  more than 55 articles in peer review journals and magazines, two books
Beyond Newton and Archimedes
Beyond Einstein and E=mc2
Published from Cambridge, England

Newton, Einstein and Archimedes Laws update or generalized

By   January 5, 2016
  • Newton, Einstein and Archimedes Laws  update   or generalized 

                               INTERVIEW ON U-tube

    Science is lighting one Lamp from the other
    To get the scientific light , burn the candle of doubt first.General Questions
    1  Sir , 7.29 billion people  believe that 2265 years old Archimedes principle, 330 years old Newton’s  Laws  and 110 years old Einstein’s E=mc2 are correct. Then why did you update or generalize them?

    Ajay Sharma:  I do not call the laws wrong or incorrect but definitely they are inadequate or incomplete in today’s context. So I have updated  or modified them. When thousands or hundreds years ago , these laws were formed  ,and  at that time mathematical and experimental status was  insignificant. So the laws were correct, at the time they were formulated.  So in today’s context (mathematical and experimental status), they need to be updated or generalized. I am making the laws more meaningful.

    Q.2 Sir,  let us believe that you are correct.  Does scientific world agrees with you on update or generalization of basic laws?

    Ajay Sharma:  My research papers have been published in internationally
    recognized journals from Europe /America. I have been invited by organizers of over 90 international conferences from abroad. My research is also published by scientists in the proceedings of the conference. Apart from this my two books

    Beyond Newton and Archimedes &
    Beyond Einstein and E=mc2
    are published from Cambridge, England. These are published at cost of publisher. My views are endorsed by scientists.
    I pray government that ….an open seminars be arranged on my research. I will answer questions of the experts in writing there and then. Tell me what else I can do?

    Q.3  Sir, before we talk about the complex laws of science, let us know something about your good self ?
    Ajay Sharma : I was born in village Berthin of  distt Bilaspur, HP. My father was a teacher and poet. He believed that  poor man had  first right of the bread. My mother was housewife and very religious in nature. My wife is  Dietician in government hospital Shimla and my daughter is an engineer in HCL , company in New Delhi, Noida. My son is in study yet.
    I passed BSc. and MSc. (Physics) with first divisions and started my career as Lecturer physics at DAV College Chandigarh. The research is fully self supported.

                        Newton’s Second Law of Motion

    Q.4  Sir,   you are saying that  ‘Newton’s Second Law of Motion’ i.e. F=ma  had not been given by Newton. Then name the scientist who gave it and when?

    Ajay Sharma : Newton’s second laws of motion (F=ma) was given  48 years after death of Newton in 1775 by Swiss scientist  Leonhard Euler. The live proof for my statement is at website of American Mathematical Association, Washington (.  In the paper E479, at page no. 223 the equation F=ma is clearly written for 3 dimensions.  The second law is based on the equation F=ma and is taught in 220 countries of the world as Newton’s second law.
    Yes, Newton published the second law of motion, in the Principia  published in 1687 at page 19-20. Its equation and definition is entirely different what is being taught in textbooks. Newton’s definition as given in the Principia , has nothing to do with F=ma.
    On this topic I have given lectures in international conference  in Texas, Austin, USA. My research paper is published in internationally recognized journals after recommendation of scientists.  I have elaborated the issue in my two books
    Beyond Newton and Archimedes, and Beyond Einstein  and E=mc2 .
    These are published from Cambridge, England at cost of publisher.

    Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

    Q.5  Newton’s Third Law of Motion  is the most reputed law of the world, in physics, philosophy and daily life.  According to this Action is equal to Reaction. How this law is wrong? Why did you generalize the same?

    Ajay Sharma :  This law
    Action = Reaction  ( unconditionally and universally for all bodies)

    is not  wrong but definitely  inadequate.
    The statement of the law simply involve ‘body’. The body may be of steel, wood, rubber wool and sponge. According to   Third Law , for everybody  (of steel, wood, rubber wool and sponge.) for same action the reaction must be the  same. But practically this prediction is not experimentally obeyed. It does not differentiate between steel and sponge while they act or react.
                          The biggest LIMITATION of the law is that it ignores the ‘NATURE’ and ‘composition’ of   body. The nature and composition of iron body is different from  sponge and wool.  Both the bodies should not governed by different laws as their nature and characteristics are different. cZ84vNdEbrq8Q

    Q.6  Sir , you have put forth updated or  generalized form of law  that  the Action and Reaction are NOT always Equal.  How will you demonstrate it experimentally?
    Ajay Sharma :  Let us throw rubber and cloth balls on the wall such that action is same in both cases.  According to Newton the reaction should be PRECEISLY equal  to action indiscrimately. But practically reaction is not equal to action. The rubber ball exhibits more reaction and cloth ball less. Thus rubber ball rebounds quickly than cloth ball. Thus this observation is not consistent with Third Law of  Motion.

    Q.7  Sir , what is reason of  inadequacy of  Third Law of Motion ? Tell us about your generalized or updated form of Third Law of Motion.

    Ajay Sharma :  The Third Law of Motion neglects the  inherent nature and composition of  bodies. The updated or generalized form of the law is :
    “  to every action there is opposite reaction but it may not be  equal  depending upon  nature and characteristics of  body.”
    Action =f Reaction,
    ‘f’  does not  occur in Third Law of Motion
                         When generalized mathematical equation (Action =f  Reaction)  is written for  the updated law , then additional  coefficient of proportionality comes in picture . This coefficient takes in account the inherent nature and composition of body.  Thus Newton’s law has been extended. It can also be understood with help of one dimensional elastic collisions.

                             General Questions

    Q.8 Sir ,  now I ask a question deviating from complicated science. When you started tracking  innovative ideas different from normal way of science?

    Ajay Sharma: In  the school Aristotle’s views taught that heavier bodies fall quickly than lighter bodies. After school, at home I climbed up on the veranda and dropped different bodies to check ideas of Aristotle. So it was love with science at first sight.
    While a student of B.Sc. II in 1982 at age of 19, I openly declared  that laws of Newton, Einstein and Archimedes need generalizations in some cases, may be at immature stage. It was like inviting hostility with whole world around . The ideas were opposed in all the ways. It appeared due to mental tension I will not be able to complete my BSc.  so left talking about it. Thus continued working silently. Then passed BSc. and MSc (Physics)  with first divisions . Then started my career as lecturer physics at DAV college Chandigarh .

    Q.9  Sir , how did you continue research in spite of stiff action?

    Ajay Sharma : However , black the night may be, the walker finds its way. When I was in MSc (Physics) I sent my articles to Pakistani Nobel Laureate  and  Founder Director of International Centre of Theoretical Physics , Italy Prof. Abdus Salam . He encouraged me lot. Thus I got more determined.
    Moreover I did not expect very lucrative position out of work , so worked calmly, without fear and temptation. It is hard reality after death people give you coffin but burn,  that  too at burning ground,  empty handed you come empty handed you go (may be dictator or celebrated individual or criminal or beggar). So work and work freely while you are alive.

                               Archimedes principle

    **** A steel  needle falls down  as it is heavier than air.
    +++2265 years old Archimedes principle is correct.
    Heavier body falls down
    ***** But HEAVIER  helicopter or aeroplane , floats in the air.
    Now 2265 years old Archimedes principle is INCORRECT ??????????
    Why it  is not discussed ?
    It can compared with submerged submarine in the sea.

    Q.10 Why did you update or modify the 2265 years old principle?

    Ajay Sharma : There is no yard stick  that 2265 years old  principle or the oldest principle  should not be questioned.  I have critically analyzed the applications of the principle based upon mathematical equations. The biggest limitation of Archimedes principle is that it ignores the shape of body. There is no factor in equations which may account for the shape of body. To incorporate the effect of shape  and other elusive factors (coefficient of viscosity of fluids) in the principle , it has been generalized. The principle becomes perfect and complete after generalization.

    Q.11 Sir, you have justified in your  research papers and books  that  Archimedes principle  has been regarded as true without equations for 1937 years.  How strange it is?
    Ajay Sharma: It is true.  This principle was given in 250BC. In 1687 i.e. after 1937 years the weight and upthrust were defined. In 1687 Newton published that law of gravitation in the Principia. Thus mathematical equations based on Archimedes principle were written for first time. Before formation of equations the principle was established.

    The equations were written 328 years before ( 2015-1687) , were not properly checked by scientists. When these equations based upon Archimedes principle (formulated 328 years ago) are checked new results are emerging.  The principle is not judged by its definition but by applications based on the equations. In some cases the principle is regarded as true without mathematical equations.

Q.12 Sir, you explain with simple experiments the limitation of Archimedes principle in case of falling bodies?

Ajay Sharma ;  If we try to determine the   distance travelled by bodies in  certain time , then incorrect results are produced. The basic reason for incorrect results is that  the principle ignores the shape of body, as in mathematical equation there is not  coefficient which accounts for shape of body. Only density of body (Db) and that of medium (Dm)  occur in the equations.
Consider two bodies, one an umbrella shaped of steel of mass 1kg, and other a small sphere of steel of mass 1gm. Now both the bodies are dropped in drum filled with water. Now umbrella shaped body falls slowly in drum of water than a small sphere.
According to prediction based on the mathematical equations of Archimedes principle both bodies (umbrella shaped and spherical) must fall down equal distances in equal intervals of time. This experiment is contrary to Archimedes principle.

Q.13  Sir, then how the experimental observations can be explained with Archimedes principle.
Ajay Sharma:
We need to update or generalize Archimedes principle (U=VDmg). If the principle is generalized  (U=fVDmg) then additional coefficient (f) of proportionality comes in picture. This factor  accounts for  the shape of body and other factors. Thus equations based upon the generalized form of the principle predict that umbrella shaped body   falls down slowly  than spherical body.  In generalized equation in addition to Dm,  Db , the  coefficient f  comes in picture.  This additional coefficient accounts for shape of body and other elusive factors. Thus experimental observations are explained.

Q14. Sir , how does Archimedes principle explains  the floating bodies?
A ship or helicopter floats in atmosphere but needle of same density falls.

Ajay Sharma : According to Archimedes principle , the body floats in medium if its density is equal to that of medium. The balloon floats when the density of balloon becomes equal to air.
Dm =Db   or density of body = density of medium
A steel needle falls down in air as its density is heavier or denser than air. On the other hand a steel helicopter or airplane floats in atmosphere (density more than that of air).
Thus there are many more factors which affect the state of bodies in atmosphere or vacuum.  The original form of Archimedes principle does not explain or account for these but the generalized form of the principle does, as it contains additional factor (f). The aeroplane were not discovered in time of Archimedes, so could have not thought about it.

                                     General Question

Q15. Does the government not help you in the research work?

Ajay Sharma : The government had helped me in getting the work to this stage. Due to  cooperation of the HP  government and department of   education in past 28 years I have been able to publish  the books. On 18th June 2015 I met hon’ble Science and Technology Minister  Dr Harsh Vardhan . He sent my books, Beyond Newton and Archimedes, Beyond Einstein and E=mc2  to Prof. Ashutosh Sharma  Secretary Science and Technology, New Delhi for  evaluation. Hon’ble Prime Minister too have sent my petition to Secretary DST, New Delhi.  I request  government  that seminars be arranged on my research work . I will reply the questions of  experts in writing. It will finish the matter.

Q.16  Sir ,  Einstein is regarded as father of Special Theory of Relativity . But you state that Einstein had simply complied the relativity i.e. Einstein had collected various aspects from the existing literature. Thus you call Einstein as plagiarist (who steals intellectual contents of others).   Do you want to create controversy everywhere?

Ajay Sharma : I am not creating any controversy. I am presenting the facts scientifically and fearlessly . The basic pillars of relativity are  two postulates,  variation of mass with velocity , time dilation , and length contraction etc.  These existed in literature before 1905 as discovered by other scientists . Einstein extracted these from books and articles and got them published as his own in June 1905 paper.
In the references he did not mention the names of scientists like Galileo, Poincare, Thomson, Lorentz,  Larmer , Fitzgerald who have discovered various aspects of relativity. Einstein’s  paper was published in German journal Annalen  der Physik  in  June 1905 Editor did not get it reviewed  by expert scientists.  Otherwise mistake or cleverness of Einstein would have been detected in peer review and paper would have not been published.
Galileo had given  the ‘Principle of  Relativity’ in his book                   ‘Dialogue Concerning World’s Two Chief Systems’ published in 1632.  After 273 years i.e. in  June 1905, Einstein published it as   his own the first postulate or reflexion of  relativity . In 1907  the German Nobel Laureate Max Planck and Stark criticized Einstein for this. Einstein’s paper was published in German.

As far as Newton is concerned , after nearly 100 years of  death of Newton, the  scientists credited him the law F=ma given by Euler  in 1775. However Einstein deliberately owned the work of other scientists including Galileo, without acknowledging the contributing scientists.  So by the dictionary meaning of   word ‘plagiarist’  Einstein is plagiarist.
The Russian Physicist  Dr Abram Ioffe had stated  on record that he had seen in 1905 paper the paper regarding Special Theory of Relativity submitted  as coauthored by Mileva Einstein-Marity and Albert Einstein. But when paper was published , only Einstein’s name had appeared . This is only the substantial argument that Mileva contributed scientific research, which is legitimately credited to Einstein. If  Einstein did not give credit to Galileo , then how we should expect that he would give credit  to Mileva.

Q.17 Sir, on Einstein’s equation E=mc2 , atom bomb and nuclear Physics is based. You have pointed out mistakes in its derivation.

Ajay Sharma :  Einstein’s derivation  of E=mc2 is  without logic in many respects and also leads to contradictory results.  For example the derivation predicts that  if we  lit a candle on 1st  January, then it will glow till 31st December say or afterwards also, and its mass will also increase. So mass and energy are being created out of nothing.
Civilization survived and progressed when people believed that the Sun revolve around the earth.

Q18 Sir, explain it further?

Ajay Sharma : Einstein derived equation E=mc2 under special or handpicked conditions of the parameters.   Einstein had taken special values of the variables in the derivation. Thus he deduced the results (E=mc2)
“When candle burns its mass must decrease.”
It is correct. The mass is converted to energy and conversion factor is c2.
However, Einstein had ignored over 1 billion values of parameters or variables.  In case we just change a parameter or variable in Einstein’s derivation then inconsistent results are obtained. For example
“ when a candle burns its mass must increase simultaneously’                                So mass and energy  are created out of  cipher. It is incorrect.
This derivation has another limitation. Einstein initially derived equation for Light Energy i.e. L =mc2. Then Einstein incorrectly assumed that whatever  ( mathematical  or derivation ) is true for  Light Energy, same is true for sound energy, heat energy, chemical energy. It is completely meaningless or absurd deduction. For different energy, the equation is different.  But Einstein put forth (without ant proofs)  E=mc2 is same as L =mc2.

Q 19.   Sir how did you explain it?

Ajay Sharma: The mass energy inter-conversion equation E=mc2  has been derived by new method. The new equation is E =Ac2 m, here A is coefficient of proportionality. There are many such coefficients existing  in science. Its value changes with nature of conversion process. The energy emitted according to        E =Ac2 m , can be equal or more or less than emitted  by E=mc2 . Thus  E =Ac2 m is generalized equation and E=mcis its special case. There are many applications of the generalized equation.

Q.20 Sir, you have strongly criticized Einstein’s derivation of  ‘Rest Mass Energy’  Erest =Mrest c2  in 1907 paper.  In this derivation you have maintained that ‘output’ is obtained ‘without input’ by Einstein.

Ajay Sharma: Yes, you are true.  Einstein’s above derivation predicts ‘output’ without ‘input’. It implies that without  air traffic fuel (ATF) an aeroplane can fly from New Delhi to London and London to New York. Without petrol bus can move from Chicago to Washington, and back to Chicago.

Q21  Sir , how these contradictory results follow from Einstein’s derivation.

Ajay Sharma :  (i) In the derivation initially Einstein assumed that  let a body is moving slowly. Under this assumption Einstein wrote first equation (dW=Fdx). Then Einstein assumed that the speed of body increases and becomes comparable with 3×108 m/s or nearly speed equal to that of light. Like these relativistic effects comes in equation.
(ii) Thus we reach at eq.(10) from eq.(1). Then all of sudden Einstein applied condition to the mathematical equations that let body is at rest.  It is completely illogical to apply this condition, as under this condition ( v=0, dx=0)  the first equation is zero  ( dW=Fdx=0), the remaining equations are non-existent. Thus eq.(10) does not exist.   If first equation is zero, and other equations are non-existent, then NON-ZERO results cannot be obtained from NON-EXISTENT equation.
(iii) Thus Einstein obtained E=mc2 , from non-existent equation (10) under condition when first equation is zero (dW=Fdx=0).
Thus Einstein obtained  OUTPUT (Erme =Mrest c2 ) without INPUT (dW=Fdx=0).
It is completely baseless deduction.

Science is not child’s play on the bank of sea that sandy  houses and huts  can made and marred.
Q22  Sir,  you are doing research on Newton, Einstein and Archimedes since past 33 years. How do you assess the future of your own and Indian science.

Ajay Sharma : Bright, Bright and Bright. Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Harsh  Vardhan  has sent by  books  titled Beyond Newton and Archimedes,  Beyond Einstein and E=mc2    Secretary Prof. Ashutosh Sharma to Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi for evaluation.  These books are with department  since Feb. 2015.
Also Hon’ble Prime Minster Sh. Narender Modi too have sent my petitions to the department. I humbly request Government that open seminars be conducted on my work . I will reply questions of scientists in writing.  My work is approved and published by scientists of America and Europe. I am sure India will emerge as super power in fundamental laws of Physics.
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based on books
Based on two books published from Cambridge, ENGLAND  and INDIA at cost of publishers.
—–Beyond Newton and Archimedes (Sep. 2013  , pp. 330 Chapters 10)
****Beyond Einstein and E=mc2  (January 2015, pp. 546 , Chapters 7)
Research papers presented in  International Conferences in  USA (twice, 2007,2014), ENGLAND(twice, 2005,2006) , RUSSIA (2014), GERMANY ,UKRAIN ,Taiwan(2002)  etc
Ajay Sharma has got over 90 invitation for presentation of papers in international conferences ALL OVER THE WORLD
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  Link for story   First ever lecture in world stressing generalization of Newtons’ laws in Chitkara University

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