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Do not give WRONG education to BILLIONS of students in 220 countries of the world, please.
———F=ma: Newton Out…………F=ma: Euler in.–
Newton did not DISCOVER Second Law of Motion, F =ma

Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler discovered F =ma, which is called Newton’s Second Law of Motion.
It is residual effect of COLONIZATION
more information at link

The biggest mistake in science. Newton did not discover Second Law of Motion taught after his name in 220 schools of the world.Ajay Sharma speaking to Insighthimachal drawing attention ofPrime Minister Sh. Narender Modi and Union Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan, to arrange video seminars on his work. Then put the recordings on U Tube and websites for comments. Wrong science is taught to students that Newton’s Second Law of Motion , F =ma. It was given by Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler in 1775 i.e. 48 years after death of Newton. Euler‘s paper E479 at page 223 states equation F=ma, it can be seen from website of Mathematical Association of America Washington. Ajay Sharma is author of two books ‘Beyond Newton and Archimedes’ and ‘Beyond Einstein and E=mc2’Both the books have been sent by Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology, Dr Harsh Vardhan, to The National Academy of Sciences, INDIA. The books are under evaluation since July 2015.

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…………………Part I……………….Proof

See, website of Mathematical Association of America ( MAA),
Section Euler’s archive Paper E479 page 223 Equation F=ma is clearly given.
Year in which F=ma is published, 1775 i.e. 48 years death of Newton

………………………Part II
What did Newton give in the Principia (1686, 1713, 1726)?
Newton gave three laws of motion at page 19-20
Acceleration (a) was not discovered in Newton’s time , so not to speak of F=ma

Link for Newton’s Principia

Newton’s second law of motion as in the Principia
Force = change in velocity
F =dv
It is never discussed, taught or written in science as it is UNWANTED CHILD.
Newton’s F=dv is replaced by Euler’s F=ma?
It is the biggest superstition on the Earth.
What scientists are gaining DEPRIVING Euler from credit of second law of motion.

Many aspects of Newton’s work are extended in the books (published from Cambridge, London)
1.Beyond Newton and Archimedes ( 2013, pp 335)
2. Beyond Einstein and E=mc2 (2015, pp.546)
The books are under evaluation by ‘The National Academy of Science India’, under instruction of Hon’ble Minister of Science and Technology Dr Harsh Vardhan. 0091 94184 50899

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