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 An Interrview with Ajay Sharma
NEWTON ,EINTSEIN & ARCHIMEDES  updated or generalized


English  script  of  INTERVIEW     22 Q&A




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Beyond Einstein and E=mc2        pp. 546   Chapters 7
Publisher:  Cambridge International Science Publishing , Cambridge England, 2015 
              Burn the candle of ‘doubt’ to get scientific light.
             Should  scientists be regarded as greater than almighty GOD ?



    Beyond Newton and Archimedes      pp. 334   Chapters 10  
Publisher:  Cambridge International Science Publishing, Cambridge England, Oct. 2014 

    The spiritualism becomes science if testable. Science becomes superstition if un-testable.


                              Some scientific papers

(i)   Dear Professor Mamedov: - cos0= 1 you have taken cos0 =0 (check basic BOOKS of Physics and Mathematics). Then comment on reserach  paper.
Further ...you cannot use values of cos0 =1 and cos0=0 in the same equation.
Generalization of
  E=mc2  to 'delta'E = A c2 'delta'M
Link   https://independent.academia.edu/ajaysharma57/Papers

 (ii) Professor R Srinivasan Editor (Indian Institute of science,Banglore)  CURRENT SCIENCE, give report 
of  ADJUDICATOR , to whom sent paper ( Ref. 4884 SC, 19 Oct. 2013.) on 5 Dec. 2013.

HOW do you justify that FIRST equation is  ZERO and FINAL equation is Erme=Mrmec2   in Einstein's  1907 paper?
Can there be OUTPUT without INPUT?  Einstein is absoluetely wrong here.  Give answers?

Link https://independent.academia.edu/ajaysharma57/Papers

 (iii)     Isaac Newton Did Not Discover Second Law of Motion
In Principia (1687,1713,1726) Newton never gave F =ma , but Swiss Leonhard Euler gave F=ma in 1775 (paper available at Mathematical Association of America Webisite)
In Newton's time ACCELERATION and second derivatives were not defined. So it was impossible binary options training for Newton to give F=ma. These facts are in history of science and Math.

  See Link in SCI-E  internationally recognised Journal of Ajay Sharma's innovative paper

   "No to Newton for discovery of F=ma, Yeah to Euler"

       41 Slides      Download
 Swiss scientist Leonhard Euler stated  F = ma in1775.
The paper can be found at
No.  E479   page  223  
  (ii)         Amazing facts about Deviation of E=mc

Einstein's  5 papers in were published in 1905 in Annalen Der Physik  WITHOUT PEER REVIEW.   Einstein FULLY MIUSED Galileo's Principle of Relativity ( given in 1632 Dialogue  Concerning Two New Chief World Systems ) in his June 1905 paper known as Special Theory of Relativity. It is unfair play by Einstein. You may check records. Einstein also used existing concepts,Constancy of Speed of Light given by Poincaire (1898  ) relativistic varation of mass given by Lorentz (1892) Time Dilation given by Larmor (1897)  and length contraction given by FitzGerald (1889).Einstein's paper was published UNREVIEWEDmeans UNCHECKED,well after the discoveries   in 1905 as his own. Einstein did not ACKWOLEDGE work of Galileo,Poincare, Larmor, Lorentz ,FirzGerald and others , did not give any REFERENCE in his UNREVIEWED paper published in June 1905 , known as Special Theory of Relativity.
 Einstein’s September 1905 derivation of E=mc2 is a speculation, under special conditions.
Initially Einstein derived L =mc2 (light energy mass equation) is true under SPECIAL CONDITIONS. Under general conditions Einstein’ derivation predicts
“When light energy is emitted , mass of body must increase”
Thus WITHOUT logic or mathematical basis Einstein  SPECULATED E=mc2
Einstein all important derivation was published  in UNREVIEWED journal.
Ajay Sharma’s paper  published in SCI-E journal (PEER REVIEWED) is available at 



        (iii)       Noble Lecture is not end of scientific exploration but beginning .
In 1932, Sir Cockcroft and Walton disintegrated Lithium-7 to alpha particles, without any comments on E=mc2. In 1945 atom bombs were exploded on Japan. It triggered hype of E=mc2 in scientific arena. On 11 December 1951 while receiving Noble Prize in Nobel Lecture said (at page 171  lines 1-3 )

Sir Cockcroft stated that in their 1932 experiment E=mc2 was closely confirmed. But is not true. The critical analysis of experiment of  Sir Cockcroft implies that  the deviations  from   E=mc2 
(a) was 16.59%    in 1932.
(b)   is   9.768 %  and if current values of  lituim-7 , alpha particles  and proton  are considered then  deviation.
Thus such experiments to be repeated for final conclusions.
Ajay Sharma’s paper  published in SCI-E journal (PEER REVIEWED) is available at



   International Conferences more than 90. Presented papers twice in USA (2007, 2014) and England (April 2005 September 2005) Germany 2002
Forth coming: Moscow, Russia, 29June-2July, Macau, China 3-6August 2015
Publications.  Over 55, some of them published in SCI journals.  

       Beyond Einstein and E=mc2    pp.546, Chapters 7
Publisher, Cambridge International Science Publisher, Cambridge, England)



                                                                 Brief description
(i) Einstein’s 1905 paper of Theory of Relativity was published in Annalen der Physik  without  any peer review by experts. So whatever Einstein wrote was published. Einstein took this opportunity to publish work of Galileo (1632), Poincare (1898), Lorentz (1892 ) , time dilation Larmer (1897   ) ,length contraction  Fitzegerald (1889 )  etc.  Einstein scored goals without goalkeeper in playground. So the theory of relativity is not Einstein’s. In scientific language it is called plagiarism and in general sense THEFT in broad day daylight. Einstein called work of Galileo and Poincare as postulates or hypothesis ….. but these are accepted realities in the literature.

(ii) Einstein’s derivation which leads to E=mc2 , also implies that WHEN A CANDLE BURNS ITS MASS MUST INCREASE. It is the biggest contradiction in science. Thus equation is derived in alternate way as dE=Ac2dm . Thus generalized equation is general equation and E=mc2 is its special case. A can be less, more or equal to unity.

(iii)  In 1907 Einstein had also derived rest mass energy E(rme)=Mc2 . It is derived under condition when FIRST equation is zero, and last equation is E(rme)=Mc2. Thus we get OUTPUT without INPUT. It can be understood in analogous way as ……ground floor of the 10 storeyed building is demolished. Then according to Einstein’s logic, the remaining 9  storeyed building will FLOAT  in air. Thus Einstein’s deduction is BASELESS.

(vi)  When velocity of body or particle becomes comparable to that of light, then its mass increases. Then its heavier mass (or actual mass) must be taken in account. However in nuclear chain reaction the velocity of neutrons is in relativistic region, so its mass must increase. But mass is taken as original mass. It is not justifies. Also E =mc2 cannot explain simultaneously the MASS DEFECT and BINDING ENERGY of deuteron.  The generalized equation ∆E =Ac2∆m can  explain.

(v) An alternate Theory of Earliest Formation of Universe is developed that universe started its life from ZEROANS (waves or particle of zero masses). The gravitational energy is another form of mass. This theory contradicts none of existing theories.
(vi) It is justified that, Newton did not give Second Law of Motion, F=ma but given by Swiss Leonhard Euler in 1775. Thus the existing literature has to be revised. Further it is confirmed that Action and Reaction are always equal and opposite.
1. Einstein derived DL =Dmc2 For Newton’s Perception; and its historical aspects.
2. Contradictions In Einstein’s Derivation Of ∆L=∆mc2 
3. Derivation Of  Generalized Form Of Mass Energy Equation, ∆E =Ac2∆m

4. Applications Of Equation ∆E =Ac2∆m In Understanding The Origin Of Universe.
5. Applications of generalized mass energy inter-conversion equation in Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors
6. Rest Mass Energy Erme = Mrmec2 Is Derived From Non- Existent Equation.
7.Frequently Asked Questions : Based on previous chapters

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       (i) GOOD MORNING  Newton : Who gifted you  2nd law of motion, F=ma

The links to Newton’s the Principia, BOOK I, 1687 is below ( see page 19).


(ii) GOOD MORNING Archimedes
Generalization of 2265  years old Archimedes principle as it does not account for the SHAPE of body.


(iii) Einstein, Newton and Archimedes GENERALIZED (detailed interviews)



          Chapters of ‘Beyond Newton and Archimedes

1. 2360 Years Old Aristotle's Assertion Revalidated by Stokes Law
2. Construction of Water, Glycerine
and Ethyl Alcohol Barometers
3. Archimedes Principle: The Oldest Established Law
4. The Generalized Form of Archimedes Principle
5. Prediction of Indeterminate Form Of Volume From
6. Archimedes Principle Is Stokes Law Applicable for Rising Bodies?
7. Limitation of Existing Theories and an Alternate Theory of Rising, Falling and Floating Bodies
8. Route to Newton's Laws of Motion
9. Experimental Confirmations of Equations of Conservation Laws in Elastic Collisions
10. Elastic Collisions in One Dimension and Newton's trading binary options Third Law of Motion

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